So You Think You Can Dance Top 20 Contestants Get Star Treatment

The top 20 contestants on Fox’s So You Think You Can Dance got their first taste of fame Wednesday. The dancers were treated to hair, makeup, wardrobe and bling plus a sexy photo shoot complete with wind machines and ultra-modern set decorations.

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In addition to all of that, the dancers tell reporter, Tina Malave, they have “people…”: people who dote on their every need.

But, all that attention doesn’t come without cost. They’ll be required to beat their bodies to a pulp for each new dance style they’ll be learning week to week. Not to mention navigating though the personalities of the dynamic and often demanding choreographers. Strangely, they all say they’re looking forward to the pain.

Click onto video to see the Top 20 SYTYCD contestants living the high-life.






Randi Evans, 23, jazz dancer from Orem, UT-resides in Springville, UT
Karla Garcia, 23, jazz/contemporary dancer from Oxon Hill, MD-resides in Brooklyn, NY
Caitlin Kenney, 21, Contemporary dancer from Annapolis, MD-resides in Annapolis
Asuka Kondoh, 25, Latin Ballroom dancer from San Francisco CA-resides in Irvine, CA
Janette Manrara, 25, Salsa dancer from Miami, FL-resides in Hialeah, FL
Jeanine Mason, 18, Contemporary dancer from Miami, FL-resides in Pinecrest, FL
Kayla Radomski, 18, Jazz/Contemporary dancer from Aurora, CO-resides in Aurora
Melissa Sandvig, 29, Ballet dancer from Los Alamitos, CA-resides in Los Alamitos
Paris Torres, 19, Contemporary dancer from Issaquah Plateau, WA-resides Issaquah Plateau
Ashley Valerio, 22, Contemporary dancer from Mesa, Arizona-resides in North Hollywood, CA


Kupono Aweau, 23, Lyrical/Contemporary dancer from Honolulu, HI-resides in Kailua, HI
Tony Bellissimo, 20, Hip Hop dancer from Buffalo, NY-resides in Buffalo
Brandon Bryant, 19, Contemporary dancer from Miami, FL-resides in Salt Lake City, UT
Phillip Chbeeb, 20, Popping dancer from Houston, TX-resides Los Angeles, CA
Jason Glover, 21, Lyrical/Contemporary dancer from Fresno, CA-resides in Fresno
Vitolio Jeune, 26, Contemporary dancer from Petion-ville, Haiti-resides in Miami, FL
Max Kapitannikov, 26, Contemporary dancer from Moscow, Russia-resides in Brooklyn NY
Evan Kasprzak, 21, Broadway dancer from West Bloomfield, MI-resides West Bloomfield
Ade Obayomi, 20, Contemporary dancer from Chandler, AZ-resides Orange County, CA
Jonathan Platero, 21, Salsa dancer from Orlando, FL-resides in New York, NY


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