Saturday TV Hot List

Ellen Degeneres rocks the house with her variety show special, Ellen’s Bigger Longer & Wider Show! Featuring musical guests, dancers, and eclectic specialty acts, a few hi-lights to look out for (as well as some great Ellen quotes about them)… a performance by Kanye West (“I love Kanye, and he loves Kanye. And he’s talented.”), some magic by the freaky David Blaine, Nick Cannon as the house DJ (“He’s playing Mariah Carey songs only.”), and Ellen herself performing at the seventh-inning stretch of a Cubs game (”I am singing either ‘Take Me Out to the Ball Game’ or ‘Bootylicious. I haven’t decided yet.”). An Ellen-tastic night not to be missed!

On Harper’s Island, a dastardly killer is finally revealed! …but is there a second slasher on the island?!? Since there are still some beating hearts (and a few more weeks) left, I’m going to guess YES!

And the Cartoon Network gives game shows a new twist (literally!) with Brainrush! Contestants try to concentrate on things, other than the change falling out of their pockets and whether the kid sitting next to them will barf on the next drop, as they must answer trivia questions while riding adrenaline inducing amusement park rid es! Oof. I feel green just thinking about it.

Saturday Night Hot List

Brainrush (CARTOON)
ICarly (NIK)
Can You Duet (CMT)

Harper’s Island (CBS)
Ellen’s Bigger Longer & Wider Show (TBS)
Groomer Has It (ANIMAL) season finale

Eli Stone (ABC)
Man vs. Cartoon (truTV)

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