Put It In Orbit: Tiny Speaker For MP3 Players

At the beach with some friends wishing you were listening to music by your favorite artists? Check.  Tired of your headphones? (only fun for one)  Want great sound but don’t want to sacrifice quality and lug around a big boom box? Check.

The solution is the tiny Orbit by Altec Lansing, a pint-sized speaker for MP3 players.

With 360-degree sound, it packs great highs and lows into a mobile, rugged metal system that can go anywhere. While it won’t rival your Bose speakers, it has surprisingly impressive sound and a long battery life (plays up to 24hours on 3 AAA batteries.)

And now you can personalize it with SkinIt. Design your own using a favorite photo or logo, or pick one from their catalogue. (My tasteful choice is pictured above.)

Only $39.95 for Orbit and $14.95 for the personalized SkinIt. Can’t beat that.

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