Kim Kardashian Gets Physical In New Workout Pictorial

No pain no gain! The results of Kim Kardashian‘s hard work in the gym are evident in the Muscle and Fitness Hers pictures the diva released on her website. She snagged the magazine’s cover!

“Alright guys, I have been going sooo hard in the gym, and I really feel it’s paying off!” Kardashian wrote.

She also referenced the battle of the bulge when it comes to her tummy.

“My tummy is soo toned,” she wrote. “Why is it that the top part gets ripped first and the lower part is sooo hard to tone up!? I am determined to have a six pack by summer! In a feminine way of course.”

We wish her all the best in her quest for a perfect bikini body and will say a prayer that she doesn’t lose an ounce of junk in her world-famous trunk! (Photo: Fame Pictures)

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