Friends Don’t Let Friends Use Default Earbuds; Upgrade to Phiaton PS 200

Most of the ear buds that come with an iPod or MP3 player are poorly made and deliver crappy sound. You need to upgrade – STAT!

One of our favorite new earphones are made by Phiaton, a leader in audio equipment. We tested the PS 200 Earphones and immediately noticed the superior sound quality , especially in the mid-ranges. (For those who want a pounding dance -club bass, this is the not the model for them.)

Sound-isolating (rather than “sound cancelling”) the 200’s let you enjoy your music in peace, while still being aware of your surroundings. The warmth and clarity is impressive, even compared to other expensive earphones.

They come with a hard case, though have you ever detached your earphones from your iPod and put them away?  Handy for traveling, however.

They come with 3 sizes of silicon tips for a comfort fit (I find the smallest size the best, but then most girls will.)

If you want to upgrade your listening experience , they’re worth the $249. Maybe try and use the case occasionally?


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