Friday Night Hot List

Oh yeah! It’s all about sexy-time tonight on Chopping Block! The remaining couples get ready for a little forkin’ as they prepare dishes featuring aphrodisiacs! The winning pair get to jaunt down to an exclusive wine cellar and meet with a sommlier to learn about pairing fine wine with their dishes. Then the teams must plan a romantic night of service for singles on blind dates… and an undercover food critic. Vino and aphrodisiacs? Sounds like everyone’s gonna be a winner tonight!

Poor Conan, who seems to be having a bit of a tough time booking the A-listers since taking over the Tonight Show, should maybe take a lesson from BBC Brit comedian, Jonathan Ross who doesn’t seem to have any trouble booking all of them! Tonight on Friday Night With Jonathan Ross, the cheeky bugger hangs with Ben Stiller, Ewan McGregor… and Eminem! Take that Dave, Jimmy and Craig!

And in the spirit of Kathy Griffin I declare, ‘Oh how I love my gays!’ And while watching the LOGO network won’t actually make you gay, it will make you laugh! Especially if you check out their new comedy show, Jeffrey and Cole Casserole, where comedians Jeffrey Self and, um… Cole, feature wacky viral videos of their sketch comedy. Not only funny, but the guys are so endearing, you too will want them for your own!

Notable mentions… Jada Pinkett Smith and Michael Cera visit with David Letterman.

Friday Night Hot List

Chopping Block (NBC)
Don’t Forget the Lyrics (FOX) season finale
Friday Night With Jonathan Ross (BBC)
Mr. Troop Mom (NIK)

The Goode Family (ABC)

What Not To Wear (TLC)

Jeffrey and Cole Casserole (LOGO) series premiere

Late Night with David Letterman (CBS)

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