FLASHBACK: Jon & Kate Pledge Their Lasting Love…Twice!

Jon and Kate Gosselin’s marriage is over but less than a year ago they sounded as much in love as the young couple who tied the knot with handwritten vows years before. From their first wedding to their vow renewal ceremony last August in Hawaii, the couple pledged to keep their family and marriage together. With that pledge seemingly broken, RadarOnline.com takes a look back at the love that is now lost.

“Our first wedding was for us, this time it is also for us but mostly to publicly promise our children that we will always be together, complete as a family always,” Kate vowed at the renewal. Jon also shared the sentiment: “I am the happiest father and husband knowing that you are by my side always. I will always be your partner for life.”

Click here for their divovrce papers

At their first ceremony, Jon said the words “I promise to stand by your side as we face new and challenging experiences.”  Kate quipped nine years later: “How prophetic that was…those words have come back and rung in our ears a million times.”

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