EXCLUSIVE VIDEO: Jon Says He Still Has No Idea Where Kate Is-Four Days Later!

If Kate Gosselin is missing, don’t expect her husband Jon to lead the search party for her!

In exclusive RadarOnline.com video shot Monday around noon near their home in Reading, PA, Jon is extremely nonchalant (did someone say uncaring?) about his suddenly missing wife – and doesn’t appear to be eager for her to return.

Jon reveals that Kate has been gone for four days.

After shopping for groceries at the local supermarket, Jon talks as he’s loading his van.

On the eve of the warring couple’s “big announcement” on Jon & Kate Plus 8, Jon says, “I have no idea” when asked when Kate is coming home.

And he doesn’t seem too broken up about it either!

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Jon also says he has no idea where Kate is and who she’s been with the past four days.

As the couple’s marriage has fallen apart on national TV, it has translated into big ratings for TLC. Jon spent Father’s Day without his wife and the couple recently was apart on  their 10th wedding anniversary.

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