EXCLUSIVE VIDEO: Jon & Kate Plus… Divorce! Big Announcement Expected Tonight

Jon and Kate Gosselin will take reality television to an entirely new level Monday night on TLC.

TLC has said Jon and Kate will make a major announcement Monday before a new episode of their show airs. RadarOnline.com broke the story that the marriage is over and Kate has seen a divorce lawyer.

Meanwhile, Jon spent Father’s Day without his wife and when asked “where’s Kate” told RadarOnline.com exclusively, “I have no idea.”

In our video, Jon answers questions about his life while signing autographs for some young female admirers who were driving past his house in Reading, PA  Sunday. Jon invited them to stop after they yelled “Happy Fathers Day” to him.

When asked by RadarOnline.com if he still sees Deanna Hummel, the woman he’s accused of having an affair with, Jon says: “Not as much with everything that went down.”

Jon & Kate Plus 8 has turned into a chronicle of the couple’s disintegrating marriage, with rampant fighting and cheating accusations.

The new episode of Jon and Kate Plus 8 will air Monday night at 9/8c.

See exclusive photos of Kate in a bikini, on vacation recently without Jon.

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