EXCLUSIVE: Peter Falk’s Wife Speaks on Winning Conservatorship

RadarOnline.com had an exclusive chat with the wife of actor Peter Falk, Shera, who was awarded conservatorship of her husband in a Los Angeles court Monday.

Suffering from the onset of Alzheimer’s, the Columbo star’s daughter Catherine claimed her step-mother was denying her access to her once-estranged dad.

“I hope this helps her,” Shera told us today of the decision, that will trust responsibility in her for all of Peter’s affairs. Catherine was granted visitation by a judge today, however–30 minutes of time every two months, under close supervision.

“He didn’t want a relationship with her. He has no relationship with her,” Shera said on the witness stand today, ” his visits with her are confrontational. I’m questioning her motives for coming here.”

Shera maintains that Peter is doing well, that he spends is days “watching sports, eating spaghetti, having brownies, listening to a joke.”

(Photo: PR Photos)

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