EXCLUSIVE: Kate Gosselin’s High School Friend Says Quit Show and Save Marriage

As Kate Gosselin’s troubled marriage continues to raise ratings, a high school friend of the reality mom remembers how Gosselin used to be before fame hit and adds to the growing criticism that the show should stop for the benefit of the kids.

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“In the very beginning I was very optimistic about the show. Kate was sharing her faith and it was all about being a good wholesome family with eight kids but now it’s out of control,” the friend told RadarOnline.com exclusively. “[Now] I’m very saddened by the whole thing. It bothers me that Kate and Jon keep saying that everything is for the kids. I feel like if that were true, they would get their acts together and save their marriage.”

“It’s such a sham now. If it is in the best interest of the kids, they would quit the show and get their marriage back on track.”

In high school, Gosselin is remembered for being “fun, outgoing, and happy”- a departure from the high-strung, controlling mom that currently tours America promoting her books. But even then “she definitely liked attention” said the high school friend.

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“In the beginning I’m sure they were struggling as a family with many children-that was the appeal to many viewers, they could relate. Kate would wear sweats and a t-shirts and do normal things for the children like a normal mom does. Now its not about the cute kids–it’s about Kate and Jon and affairs.”

“They need to grow up and get off fake reality, get their acts together, and be with their kids like a normal family.”

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