EXCLUSIVE INTERVIEW: No Room Service In The Jungle, Spencer

To some, torture could easily be defined as a lack of fancy hotels and food deliveries. This seems to be the case with Spencer Pratt and his bride Heidi.

In a revealing chat with NBC’s I’m A Celebrity… host Myleene Klass, RadarOnline.com has discovered the outlandish couple’s misconceptions about the Costa Rican jungle, and what they’ll be facing as they head back.

“He really genuinely thought this show was like the other reality shows,” Klass marveled about Spencer, chatting with RadarOnline.com from set.

“There is no down time! What you see is what you get.”

What reality couple got was drama from their costars, conditions far from the luxury of Los Angeles and missing dry shampoo.

“There is no living in a secret hotel where you get secret pizza delivered. You’re living in the jungle,” said Klass.

She insists that the second time around, which could begin any day as Mrs. Pratt indicated via  Twitter that the couple touched down in the jungle on Tuesday, they’ll be ready.

“These are the kids from The Hills. They’ve got everything they could possibly want and they have a very good idea what they’re walking back into this time,” Klass said.

Here’s hoping!

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