Conan Blasts Kate Gosselin; Pokes Fun at Octo-Mom

Conan O’Brien went straight for the moms during his opening monologue on Tuesday night’s show, blasting Jon & Kate Plus 8’s Kate Gosselin and also taking a shot at Octo-Mom Nadya Suleman.

Watch the hilarious snippet in the above video.

Touching on the 100th episode of the TLC show which had chef Emeril Lagasse cooking for the Gosselins, O’Brien joked: “Things got a little tense. Kate asked Emeril how to make chicken cacciatore and Jon asked Emeril how to make a b—h shut up.”

Earlier, he referenced’s exclusive interview with Suleman during which she apologized to the sperm donor of her fourteen children. “Next up, she’ll give an even bigger apology to her uterus,” he cracked.

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