BREAKING NEWS: David Caruso’s Nanny Sues His Ex-Girlfriend

The on-going legal fight between David Caruso and his former girlfriend Liza Marquez, with whom the CSI: Miami star has two children, has just gotten a new combatant.

On June 1, Maria Vianey Guardon, who worked for Caruso and Marquez as their nanny sued Marquez, claiming Wrongful Termination and Intentional Infliction of Emotional Distress.

According to court papers obtained by, Guardon claims that after Caruso and Marquez split, Marquez demanded she sign a confidentiality agreement and fired her when she refused.

She’s asking the Los Angeles County Superior Court to determine damages.

Debra Opri, attorney for Marquez, denies the allegations made against her client.

“Guadron has been employed by the same employer, David Caruso, and still is,” Opri told exclusively.

“He has paid Guardon all along, and still does as she still works for him.

“David Caruso is harassing my client through the nanny, and he better be ready to be named as a defendant.”

Michael Trope, attorney for Guardon, did not respond to’s request for comment.

(Photo: WENN/Splash News)

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