TV: Wednesday Hot List

As we say goodbye to Fox’s funniest rednecks on King Of the Hill, which has not been renewed for another season, creator Mike Judge swings a 180 and brings his newest animated creation to ABC. Meet The Goode Family. A vegan, politically correct, uber-liberal family, whose good intentions always go awry! Take, for example, their adopted son, Ubuntu. 16 years earlier when they requested to adopt an African, they were hoping for a little black baby… they accidentally ended up with a blonde, white, South African baby instead. Or the family’s vegan dog, Che who secretly eats the neighborhood pets! Hey, the far left may not think it’s funny, but as a leftie I must admit I’ve seen the vegan dog food in Whole Foods and thought, who are these people!? Now I know!

A&E gets a new series tonight with Thomas Pendelton from Inked fame turning a 1970s tour bus into a traveling tattoo parlor and hitting the road, on Tattoo Highway!  I don’t know about you, but when I get a tattoo, I kinda want the venue I get it in to NOT move!

And get ready for the series premiere of Your Worst Animal Nightmares! The opener details some of Australia’s most terrifying attacks on humans, like a grandmother who goes up against a crocodile to protect her family, and a couple of teens who are tracked by a great white shark! Ooh! Just like Jaws 4: The Revenge…this time it’s personal!

I’ll send more later today!

Wednesday Night Hot List

Wipeout (ABC) season premiere
George Strait: ACM Artist of the Decade All Star Concert (CBS)
So You Think You Can Dance (FOX)

The Goode Family (ABC) series premiere
Your Worst Animal Nightmares (ANIMAL) series premiere

Tattoo Highway (A&E) series premiere
True Hollywood Story: 10 Greatest Stories Ever Told (E!)

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