TV Picks Wednesday

All signs suggest that tonight’s episode of Scrubs will not only be the season finale, but in fact will be the series finale. So sad! It’s our beloved  J.D.’s last day at Sacred Heart as Zach Braff makes his long-announced departure from the show. But not before attempting to accomplish a few career goals, like learning the janitors name and getting a hug from Dr. Cox! In true Scrubs form, expect it to go out with a bang with more than 50 former guest stars checking in to send him off, including Colin Hay, Amy Smart, Tom Cavanagh, guest-star extraordinaire Kathryn Joosten and MadTV alums Nicole Sullivan and Michael McDonald

You may want to change your summer vacation plans after watching tonight’s episode of MonsterQuest! Stories of gigantic, killer, fresh and saltwater fish are investigated, including Goliath grouper in Florida and the Caribbean, and huge muskellunge fish in Minnesota. I can already hear the theme to Jaws playing in my head!

And viewers of Make Me a Supermodel are ticked that Colin got the boot last week instead of crybaby-mama’s boy, Branden or like, Amanda, who like, poses like a Playboy model instead of like a supermodel, and annoyingly says “like” a lot. But things get spicy as the 7 contestants must drop their drawers and get nekkid for a photo shoot! Something tells me Amanda might do well with this task!

Notable mention… Chris Daughtry performs on Idol.

Wednesday Night Hot List

Scrubs (ABC)
America’s Next Top Model (CW)

American Idol (FOX)
MonsterQuest (HST)

Pitchmen (BRAVO)
Make Me a Supermodel (BRAVO)
The Unusuals (ABC)



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