TV: Monday Hot List

It’s a big Monday night with a season premier, a couple of finales, and an annoying addiction!

Jillian Harris, the 29 year old runner up for wishy-washy Jason Mesnick’s heart on last season’s The Bachelor (behind Melissa and Molly), becomes this season’s prize on The Bachelorette. Tonight Jillian meets her 25 e.b.’s (eligible bachelors) at the show’s LA mansion, but then we get a little twist! Just when the guys finish scoping out the competition and begin putting their game plans into action, 5 more hot guys show up to crash the party! Needless to say the original 25 are none too pleased! The extra testosterone freaks Jillian out to, who must send 10 dudes a’ packin’ at the rose ceremony! Choose wisely Jillian, choose wisely!

On the season finale of 24 we’re treated to an Ethan-Olivia face off, traitor Tony pulls another fast one, Kim comes back to try and save her daddy, and Jack keeps going all Bauer on the bad guys even though his bod is being ravaged by a deadly pathogen! But fear not! He will live to see another day! “Day 8” to be exact, and we’re already getting a few details about the next season! Day 8’s season will take place in New York (though production, which begins in 2 weeks, will still primarily be shot in LA), with CTU fully up and running under a new head honcho by the name of Brian Hastings, two new agents (one guy, one girl), and of course, Chloe! Also on board next season is Who Wants To Be a Slumdog Millon-aire! actor, Anil Kapoor, as a Middle Eastern leader on a peace keeping mission.

Gossip Girl also has a season ender tonight that starts off with a shocking and damaging email blast in the midst of their commencement ceremony! Serena goes on the attack. The Mean Girls challenge Jenny to take Blair’s crown next year. Lily and Rufus struggle to repair their relationship after Lily’s betrayal. And Blair, Chuck, Serena, Georgina, Dan, Nate and Vanessa all do stuff that I can’t tell you because I will not ruin cliffhangers!

And finally… I’m sorry, but I have to say it… the only person more annoying on The Hills than Spencer Pratt, is his irresponsible, nit-wit of a sister, Stephanie! Watching her screw up no-brainer tasks at work (which totally screwed Lauren last week) makes you pray that this show really is scripted, because no one can be that self centered and idiotic! However… she is Spencer’s sister, soooo…  In any case, we get to watch Lauren fire her azz tonight! Yay! Meanwhile, Heidi’s dad comes to visit and Spencer has an important question to ask him. I’m guessing it’s the question that led to all these pictures we’re seeing of Speidi in their swine-flu masks on their Mexican honeymoon. Yes, I’m addicted. No, I’m not proud of it.

Monday Night Hot 20 List

24 (FOX) season finale
Dancing With the Stars (ABC)
Gossip Girl (CW) season finale

How I Met Your Mother (CBS) season finale

The Bachelorette (ABC) season premiere
Two and a Half Men (CBS) season finale
One Tree Hill (CW) season finale
The Kennedys: American Experience (PBS)

Rules of Engagement (CBS) season finale

Paranormal State (A&E) season finale
CSI: Miami (CBS) season finale
The Hills (MTV)

(Photo courtesy of FOX)

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