TV: Friday Night Hot List


On Ghost Whisperer, Melinda takes a break from wedding day preparations to help a girl who claims she’s been visited by vampires. Is it just me, or does every show have a wedding right now??? Seriously, what’s up?!?

It’s the season finale, although more likely the series finale, for Dollhouse tonight. We love Eliza Dushka as Echo, but word is the show is going bye-bye… not to mention Alex Tudyk, who we just learned is the evil Alpha, has already signed on to do another pilot. Not a good sign. Some finale SPOILERS>>> This week we find that Alpha has 43 people in his brain… basically all the personalities he was imprinted with are still there. We’ll see flashbacks to Alpha’s time as a doll, as well as what the effects of having all those pesky personalities hanging around his psyche are. All in all, a good solid finale.

And hell hath no fury like a Dog Whisperer scorned! Cesar Milan goes all Jack Bauer on several Los Angeles puppy mills when he goes undercover to investigate their conditions. You can’t help but love this guy! Especially after you watch him rescue 11 dogs considered worthless by their breeders. Go Cesar!

Friday Night Hot List

Prison Break (FOX)
Everybody Hates Chris (CW) season finale
Friday Night SmackDown! (MNT)

Dollhouse (FOX) season finale
Mistresses (BBC)

The Soup (E!)
Head Case (STARZ)
Numb3rs (CBS)

Christian Finnegan: Au Contraire (COMEDY CENTRAL)

(Photo: Vivian Zink/ABC Studios)

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