Paula Abdul: Simon Nearly Suffocated Me!

American Idol’s Paula Abdul, in an appearance on Jimmy Kimmel Live! Tuesday night, told the talk show host she was almost suffocated by fellow Idol judge Simon Cowell during the taping for Tuesday’s show.

Abdul told Kimmel she “literally saw stars” and “all she could smell was cigarette smoke,” as the brazen Brit held his hand over her mouth. She said his motive for the “attack” was likely to prevent her from exposing what a porous dancer he is.  She said Cowell was irked she smeared makeup all over his expensive white t-shirt.  

Abdul is preparing for her comeback as a vocalist; she performed her new single, I’m just here for the music, on last week’s show.  The 46-year-old has sold more than 50 million albums and, 20 years ago this month, her single Forever Your Girl, from the smash hit album of the same name, sat atop the Billboard charts.

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