Only On Radar: Housewife Speaks on Rossi’s Restraining Order

Although New Jersey is the next lucky locale to get a Real Housewives franchise, the drama is still as potent in Orange County.

In response to yesterday’s legal drama with OC housewife Gretchen Rossi, has spoken exclusively with rival castmate Tamra Barney–who slams the blonde and her claims of having a stalker.

“I was subpoenaed as a witness in a hearing involving…a restraining order she filed against her  ex-boyfriend, Jay Photoglou,” Barney said.

Rossi claimed Photoglou threatened the lives of she and her dogs, former Housewives cast member Slade Smiley, and vandalized her Costa Mesa, Ca. home.

After Rossi failed to appear with her attorney to address charges yesterday, they were dropped.

“I showed up in court only to find out the charges were dismissed after waiting 30 minutes. I find it strange for Gretchen, whom allegedly feared for her life because of this ‘stalker,’ wouldn’t even appear in Court for her hearing,” said Barney.

“This speaks volumes about her character.”

Barney said the women exchanged text messages the evening prior to the court appearance, but she was unsure how much information about her testimony should be given.

The women have long feuded, squabbling on the Bravo TV series’ recent reunion show, still a sore spot for Rossi according to Barney.

““A few weeks ago, [Rossi] and [Smiley] drunk-dialed me. Her conversation started out guarded with ‘why don’t you like me?’  She wanted to make amends, but she didn’t appear too sincere,” Barney

Barney insists she participated in the hearing in the spirit of honesty, and that Photoglou was “apologetic” for the waste of her time in court.

“The one thing I pride myself on is that I always tell the truth, the truth will always set you free. That’s what I was planning to do [in court[, tell the truth.”

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