No Dancing With The Stars For Danny Gokey

He got booted off American Idol and now Danny Gokey is being denied his next dream.  The third place finisher told L.A.’s KEARTH101 Tuesday morning that he wants to compete on Dancing with the Stars.  “I’m sick of everyone making fun of my dancing. I want to go on Dancing with the Stars to prove I can dance.”  Turns out, Danny was only half-joking.  He’s had just as many compliments about his dance moves as he had criticism from AI judge Simon Cowell, and he thinks doing the show would be a blast.  Sadly, Danny will have to keep his dancing shoes on ice for at least awhile.  He’ll be heading out on the American Idol tour this summer, and an AI source tells that Gokey, as well as all finalists, are contractually prohibited from performing on any competing entertainment shows.

(Photo: Wenn)

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