New Documents: Casey Anthony Cop Lied

Richard Cain, an Orange County Sherriff’s Deputy involved in the Casey Anthony murder case, lied to police investigators, newly released documents prove. Cain was responding to a call from meter reader Roy Kronk about a suspicious looking bag in a wooded area on August 18, 2008.

An internal police memo and other official documents released Friday, show that Cain lied to fellow law enforcement officials, saying he picked up the bag and the bottom dropped out. “You later acknowledged you did not pick up the bag,” say the memo from Captain Larry D. Krantz, who sustains evidence against Cain of unsatisfactory performance.

Cain’s failure to thoroughly investigate the tip – and then his hiding the truth – delayed the discovery of little Caylee Anthony‘s body by months. The police document states: “You failed to thoroughly investigate the call for service which ultimately delayed the discovery of the remains of Ms. Caylee Anthony.”

The memo goes on to detail several contradictory stories Cain told investigators. (Photo: Landov)

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