Levi Johnston: Bristol’s Dad Bribed Her With a Car to Dump Me

Bristol Palin’s baby daddy is stripping down and opening up in the June issue of GQ. Levi Johnston, the 19-year-old father of Tripp, was shoved into the national spotlight during Sarah Palin’s run for vice president. The teen dad even poses shirtless, changing his infant son’s diaper, in the pages of the magazine.

While Bristol Palin has recently paired with young Hollywood’s Hayden Pannettiere to promote abstinence, Johnston calls the “just-say-no” approach to birth control “unrealistic” in the article. And he also has some harsh words for his ex-girlfriend’s family.

“I know that her parents didn’t want us together. I really don’t think they did,” Johnston told the magazine. “So they probably put a little pressure on her.” He even revealed that Todd Palin offered to buy his daughter a new car if she’d dump Johnston–numerous times.

At this point, Johnston says he doesn’t think he’ll ever get back together with his son’s mother, adding that visiting the Palins’ house “makes me pretty damn uncomfortable.”

(Photo: Ture Lillegraven/GQ)

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