NEW VIDEO: Jon & Kate: Fifth Birthday Celebration for Sextuplets

Although the image of picturesque primetime family The Gosselins has been seriously altered after infighting and alleged cheating, the family still came together to celebrate a big birthday on Sunday.

Six birthdays, in fact. Embattled couple Jon & Kate Gosselin came together to throw their sextuplets a bouncing backyard bash to celebrate their collective fifth birthday.

Photos of the family day also show that Kate’s reported paramour, bodyguard Steve Neilds, was preset with the couple and their kids.

A large inflatable moon bounce, shaped like a castle, was constructed on site at the Gosselin’s Reading, PA. home. The birthday six were snapped romping around while two crew members captured the moments on cameras, presumably for their show “Jon & Kate Plus 8.”

The sextuplets were also joined by their older twin sisters Cara and Mady, 8.


(Photo & Video: Splash News)

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