Fans Turn on Kate Gosselin

In an interesting turn of events, a recent poll shows that Kate Gosselin is no longer the sympathetic darling that she became following the scrutiny over her husband Jon’s alleged affair.‘s exclusive interview with Kate’s brother Kevin Kreider and sister-in-law Jodi revealed that Kate didn’t write her own 2008 book “Multiple Blessings: Surviving To Thriving with Twins and Sextuplets.”

Click here to watch the revealing video.

Seventy five percent of people polled by Popeater said they felt Kate not writing her own book was a big deal. And Popeater also found that 85% of people when asked “where does your allegiance lie” admitted they are on Team Jon!

Kate’s brother revealed to in an exclusive interview that Kate told Jon months ago the marriage is over. Kevin also said that far from writing her own bok, Kate went on “book writing weekends” with co-writer (and currently estranged friend) Beth Carson but left the work to Carson as she slept and talked on the phone!

Still divided? Watch the next season of Jon & Kate Plus 8 premieres on May 25. Click here to see a sneak peak.

(Photo: WireImage)

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