EXCLUSIVE: Octo-Mom Goes on Baby Shopping Spree

Octo-Mom Nadya Suleman stopped by a Los Angeles baby boutique with her infant son Noah in tow on Tuesday afternoon. Suleman, who said her prematurely-born octuplets are the size of “normal babies” now, snapped up a number of onesies at Nomi boutique in Los Angeles to outfit her quickly-growing infants. The store is popular with celebrities including Halle Berry and Jessica Alba. Suleman stocked up on 3-6 months sizes and also picked up some wooden puzzles, plastic plates and books for her 14 kids.

Suleman left the shop with more than $280 in baby booty after deciding to put two diaper bags—at about $150 and $650 each—back on the shelf. She said that when she’s away from home, she calls the nannies often to check in, but never worries about the kids at home.

She held Noah in a baby carrier as she shopped, and he slept soundly until she was ready to leave, when he woke up hungry and a bit cranky.

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