EXCLUSIVE NEW INTERVIEW: Kate Gosselin’s Family Blasts TV Mom

Kate Gosselin, the highfalutin matriarch of TLC’s hit show Jon and Kate Plus 8, shows more interest in her fame as a TV personality, speaker and author than she does as a mother, her brother and sister-in-law said in an explosive new interview exclusively on RadarOnline.com.

Kevin Krieder, the 32-year-old brother of the reality TV mom, said that his sister has a selfish agenda focused more on boosting her career than her family. He said that the show’s depiction of Kate as a do-it-all mother who cooks and cleans is “all for the cameras,” and the reality TV couple’s claim that they are raising their family all by themselves is a “snow job.”

Jodi, who was also prominently featured in early episodes of the show, said it takes the work of many to take care of the children, and Kate is too busy to pitch in unless the red light is on.

Watch part one of our exclusive interview with Kevin and Jodi

“Kate is very good at designating jobs,” her sister-in-law, Jodi Krieder said. “As the years have gone on, Kate has become the designator to the people that have those jobs going on.”

The Krieders said they have not talked to the Gosselins in more than a year.

The fallout, according to Kevin, came over money. He said that members of the production crew told them that TLC was planning on compensating the Krieders, a fact which drove Kate ballistic and led to the family rift. They said that Kate is obsessive over control.

“It’s a very sad situation,” Jodi said. “This is going to affect these children terribly, if she goes for a divorce. I think right now Kate is very lost and very blinded by her actions and what she is doing — [she] is not being a mother that is nurturing and hands on.”

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