EXCLUSIVE NEW INTERVIEW: Jon & Kate's Secret Marriage Contract

Kate Gosselin gave husband Jon a contract saying he could date others as long as he showed up for filming of their hit reality show, Jon & Kate Plus Eight, her brother and sister-in-law Kevin and Jodi Kreider said in an explosive new interview, exclusively with RadarOnline.com.

Kate Gosselin has told Jon their relationship is over and they should begin dating others, according to Jodi Kreider. She said Kate had presented Jon with a contract that laid out the aforementioned circumstances in explicit detail. She said Jon was taken aback by Kate’s bluntness in terminating the relationship.

Kevin Kreider said Jon has told him he can have girlfriends, do his own thing and has the freedom to do what he wants [on] certain days — so long as he fulfills his professional obligations in regards to the show.

Jodi said both ignored their marital problems to keep the show’s ratings high, and that it takes many people to pull off the ruse of showcasing their dysfunctional marriage as a happy one for the cameras.

“This is a train wreck,” Jodi said.

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