Denise Richards Flubs Song at Ballgame; Gets Hit on By Batboy

An “A” for effort? Illinois native Denise Richards– looking fantastic in a Chicago Cubs team jersey- stopped by Wrigley Field on Friday to sing Take Me Out to the Ballgame during the seventh inning stretch. Unfortunately, the actress was caught on national television reading the words to the famous jingle off of a cheat sheet!

Sounding a little flat, Richards herself admitted her performance confirmed that she was not a singing sensation. “That I am not,” she told a broadcaster. “I was about to have a heart attack. It was scary.”

The actress did make a strong impression on the men in the crowd. Apparently all of the camera guys were fighting to be in the booth with Richards and one announcer joked the crew were all wearing clean jeans for the occasion. Another moment of adoration? Sitting by third base, Richards (who was with her dad and sister) was approached by the batboy. “[He] is very friendly, very chatty,” she said. “He did [introduce himself!]”

But the apple of her eye for the evening was none other than Cubs first baseman Derrek Lee. Richards remarked, “In all things, he seems lovely.” He’s single, she’s single- they may have just stepped into their own field of dreams!

(Photo: Splash News)


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