Bristol Palin: Levi Johnston Will Be There For Son

Bristol Palin, the 18-year-old daughter of Alaska Gov. Sarah Palin, said she wants her baby son Tripp’s father, Levi Johnston, “to be a part of his life their son’s life and knows that he will be.”

Speaking on Good Morning America Wednesday, she said she believes this “because every child needs a father.”

The comments came weeks after Johnston made a string of media appearances discussing the sordid details of the teen couple’s sex life.

Levi Johnston Responds to Bristol’s Remarks on The Early Show

She said that regardless of her personal actions, abstinence is the only “100 percent foolproof way to prevent pregnancy.”

Palin, who gave birth to baby son Tripp late last year, was discussing her appointment as the teen ambassador to The Candie’s Foundation, a New York-based group that warns of the dangers of teen pregnancy.

Palin said that earlier comments she made about abstinence being an unrealistic choice were taken out of context by Fox News.

“It’s a hard choice,” she said, “but its the safest choice and the best choice.”

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