TV Thursday Hot Pics

Tonight BET rocks the party all night long with their Spring Break, “Spring Bling” competitions and festivities, from Singer Island in Florida! Tune in at 8:00 for Get To Steppin’, a step team competition with a performance by MIMS. Then keep it locked for their dance competition show, Revamped, where contestants battle each other with routines from music videos. And finally it’s the Beach Towel Throwdown, with musical performances by Bobby Valentino, Slim Thug, Keri Hilson and Plies! Yeeeah boiiii! It’s gonna be a hot one up in here!

VH1 brings us deliciously yummy, dirty laundry with 40 Naughtiest Celebrity Scandals! Tonight is part one of a two part series with their regular cast of goofballs dishing the commentary as they count down the stars biggest PR nightmares! Topics to watch out for tonight… how Screech ruined porn for everyone, when Tara Reid’s boob tried to escape and Charlie Sheen’s penis after sleeping with 5000 women! Ouch!

And we’ve also got a plethora (I just like the word) of series premieres tonight, including Amy Poehler in Parks and Recreation; the new police drama Southland; Harper’s Island, which is kinda like Lost, except here they kill off members of a wedding party on an isolated island; and the oddest of the bunch… Comedy Central’s sword and sorcerer farce, Krod Mandoon and the Flaming Sword of Fire which features a half human, half swine character, excellent!

Thursday Night Hot List

Victoris Silvstedt: My Perfect Life
Get To Steppin’ (BET)

Parks and Recreation (NBC) series premiere
Revamped (BET)

American Chopper (TLC) season premiere
40 Naughtiest Celebrity Scandals (VH1)
Beach Towel Throwdown (BET)

Krod Mandoon and the Flaming Sword of Fire (COM) series premiere
Southland (NBC)
Harper’s Island (CBS) series premiere

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