Sinbad, Dionne Warwick Owe California $5 Million

A new inventory of California’s biggest tax debtors revealed two familiar names in the top ten — Sinbad and Dionne Warwick.

Surely, Sinbad couldn’t have made his Jingle All The Way co-star, Gov. Arnold Schwarzenegger, very proud with the $2.5 million pile of IOUs he owes to the Golden State (good enough for seventh place on this infamous list). His spokesperson declined to comment.

And where’s the Psychic Friends Network when Dionne Warwick needed them the most? The singer apparently didn’t see far enough into her future to try and avoid making the list. The 68-year-old owes $2.2 million. Warwick’s spokesperson told the AP the singer is working with the state’s Franchise Tax Board to make restitution.

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