Josh Hartnett’s 911 Call

Weeks after Josh Hartnett’s hospitalization for a gastrointestinal problem, his late-night 911 has been released. The actor was staying at the Chateau Marmont hotel in Los Angeles when he started feeling stomach pains. A hotel employee phoned the fire department who sent an ambulance to collect the actor and bring him to Cedars Sinai hospital.

Halfway through the tape, Hartnett- sounding calm but in pain- gets on the phone with the operator. “Hello. It’s something I’ve had before otherwise it’s food poisoning,” he explained. “it’s diarrhea…i just threw up a couple of times and I feel a little bit better but I’m a little bit shaky.”

Click the video to hear the 911 call!

Earlier, a hotel employee in the actor’s room said Hartnett was “really sick in the stomach.”

Hartnett had been suffering from the condition for several months since starring in the London stage version of Rain Man.

(Photo: Wenn)

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