Idol: Anoop Dogg Scorched In Disco Inferno

Anoop Desai couldn’t have picked a worse time to throw a gutterball.

The 21-year-old North Carolina native, clad in a pink sweater while showing off freshly-grown stubble, looked to be running on fumes with a lackluster rendition of Donna Summers’ Dim All The Lights on Tuesday’s disco-themed show.

Not a good week to hit a low note, particularly when two contestants are due to be eliminated on tonight’s results show.

Simon Cowell, regaining his edge after melting for Susan Boyle, told Desai the performance was “mediocre at best,” his worst to date and that his interpretation of the song was horrible. That’s the Simon we know and love.

See if Anoop Dogg has his day on tonight’s results show, which airs at 9/8c.

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