Idol: Adam Lambert Shines In Rocky Group Performance

Once again, it was Adam Lambert’s star that shined the brightest.

Lambert somewhat saved an-otherwise lacking group performance of Kylie Minogue’s 2001 hit Can’t Get Out Of My Head on Thursday night’s results show, just a week after the show was criticized for alleged lip-syncing during the group number.

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“The solos were fine, but when the group sang together …. it was just painful,’ wrote TV Guide’s Adam Bryant. “The numbers are hard to pull off live, and the pre-recorded tracks are so embarrassingly cheesy and obvious.  So, they should just skip it all together.”

Anoop Desai also stood out in a good way, and not for his singing. The 21-year-old North Carolina native gave fellow contestant Scott MacIntyre a helping hand, serving as the legally-blind MacIntyre’s sight buddy during the physical stage routine.

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