EXCLUSIVE: The One Question Octo-Mom Did Not Expect

It was the one question that caught Octo-Mom Nadya Suleman by complete surprise when RadarOnline.com visited her home for an exclusive interview Wednesday evening.

“How do you know that? How do you know that?” Nadya asked in total amazement when we inquired why she trademarked the “Octo-Mom” name.

Documents show that she filed for the trademark to possibly use it for children’s clothing and textile diapers. Suleman says that while she might pursue a line of kids’ clothes in the future, she was forced to take the action after learning that someone in Texas had tried to trademark the word “Octomom” before her.

EXCLUSIVE VIDEO: Octo-Mom At Home With All Eight Kids

Nadya also responded to reports that she’s in negotiations with a British company that wants to produce a documentary series about her family. While she remained tight-lipped on the topic–no deal is yet finalized–she did say she’d be interested in a series that would follow the octuplets from birth until the time they were 18. (Which is reportedly just what the U.K.-based company intends to do.)

In this brand new exclusive interview, Nadya gives us an inside look at her chaotic life as she feeds little Jonah, the eighth and final octuplet to be released this week.



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