EXCLUSIVE: Octo-Mom: I’m Suing Over Stripper Lies

Octo-Mom Nadya Suleman is adamantly denying an explosive new story in In Touch that claims she worked as a stripper for a year, going by the name “Angelina.”  And in an exclusive new interview with RadarOnline.com, Nadya says she’s willing to go to court to prove the story is a lie.  

The article relies on a limo driver, an exotic dancer named “Sage,” and the owner of a San Diego strip club as sources.  All three say they knew Nadya when she danced at what is now the Spearmint Rhino and worked at bachelor parties between 1999 and 2000.  Sage, who didn’t reveal her real name, even said “[Suleman] was overly flirty with the guys we performed for.”

Suleman dismisses the article as false, and even says  “Who are these humans?” as she flips through the magazine, denying she ever met any of the people who were interviewed for the story.  She also insists that the closest she ever came to stripping was entering a lingerie contest at a night club at age 19. “I won,” she adds.

Suleman isn’t taking the story lying down, and says her lawyer plans to file a slander suit against the owner of the club,” There’s not one once of truth to this,” she says . As for the magazine’s claim that she tries to emulate Angelina Jolie’s look? “No offense,” she says. “But I would not want to look like this woman.”

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