EXCLUSIVE: Nadya Suleman’s Octo-Stroller, Baby Health Updates

Octomom Nadya Suleman found some transportation for her recent addition of eight–her children will ride side by side in four-seater powder blue strollers.

Quite the site when pushed together, all eight babies are well behaved as Suleman tells RadarOnline in an exclusive video the health and progress of each of her little ones. Check out the clip to see how the kids are doing, like her smallest, Jonah. He’s finally hit the 5lb mark.

And speaking of weight, Suleman says she’s determined to get back to a size 2.

“I have extraordinary energy when I’m small.”

She’ll need it for the round-the-clock job of caring for her brood.

“I wish I could split myself into fourteen pieces,” she said of wanting to give each child all of her.

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