EXCLUSIVE: Kate Walsh’s Divorce Turning Ugly

You know you’re a pain in the butt when an accounting firm tries to get a protective order against you!

Are you listening Alex Young?

Young, the soon-to-be ex-husband of Private Practice star Kate Walsh has annoyed an accounting firm connected to their divorce so much that they just dropped court papers asking for a protective order against him.

The court docs from London & Company, LLP, state in part, “Young is intent on harassing London, a non party accounting firm, on the week before the tax filing deadline through a series of cryptic, threatening and abusive letters.”

The company says it has produced 3,000 pages of documents but “Young’s motive is to compound the stress of tax season and harass London and its employees.”

Geez, accountants do get testy in April!

Check out the court papers here!

(Photo: Zuma Press)


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