David Letterman Slams “Snake” Spencer To LC

As much as Heidi Montag’s groom-to-be, Spencer Pratt, must love hearing his name dropped on national TV, even The Hills resident villain must have winced when David Letterman dismantled him in record time to guest Lauren Conrad on his Thursday show.

Said Letterman: “Now, that snake, what’s that guy’s name? Spencer — he’s so creepy … I don’t like the guy.”

Conrad and Letterman discussed Pratt and Montag’s upcoming wedding, which is scheduled to take place Saturday in Pasadena, Calif.

When asked if she was going to attend the wedding, Conrad joked she put her ticket up on eBay.

Letterman   then brought up a previous incident in which Pratt allegedly circulated a rumor that a XXX film — starring Conrad — existed.

“It turned out, this putz Spencer has made the whole thing up and that’s horrible — what a horrible thing,” he said.

Conrad told Letterman that she didn’t want to sue him because he would have enjoyed the publicity too much.

“See that’s the kind of guy [he is],” Letterman said. “He’s so oily, that guy.”

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