American Idol Style Transformer Dishes On Susan Boyle’s New Look

Despite recently announcing that she will not undergo a makeover, Susan Boyle, the household name and singing sensation from Britain’s Got Talent, stepped out last week with a new-do and new fashions. Art Conn, a celebrity stylist that performs style makeovers on American Idol, tells, “the hair color makes her look thinner and younger.”

Noting that, hair color aside, the style transformation is very minimal, Conn comments, “they are taking her a bit gradual.  You have a lot to work with!”

On what he would recommend for the big-voiced diva, Conn says, ” [she] would be great in classic tailored suits.  Dresses and gowns could make her very
dramatic, her look should match her voice – very over the top.”

Acknowledging Boyle’s attempt at accessorizing with a Burberry Scarf, Conn says, “She’s starting with zero, you can only go up from there.” Belt that one Boyle!

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