American Idol: Simon Sacks Megan For Not Caring

With contestants on American Idol facing their final weeks of competition, every performance is critical. Wednesday night, Ryan Seacrest announced the three unlucky crooners who would have to “sing for their survival”: Megan, Allison and Anoop.

During the results show, Lady Gaga –in a very pink performance — and David Cook both visited the Idol set to belt out their latest singles. Audience members even presented a humble Cook with a platinum record for the success of his first album.

But the results were clearly on everyone’s minds. After a particularly drawn-out elimination, Seacrest revealed that Megan was the unluckiest of them all. She didn’t help her case earlier on in the show when she told Simon Cowell what she thought about his critique of her latest performance. “I love you, Simon,” she said, “but I don’t care.”

The comment came back to bite her when Cowell told her to pack her bags. “Megan, with the greatest respect,” he told her, “when you said that you don’t care, nor do we. I’m not going to even pretend we’re going to contemplate saving you.” Ouch.

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