Video Interview: Octo-Mom vs. Angel’s in Waiting: “I Almost Called Police”

It’s war!

In her most explosive interview, Octo-Mom Nadya Suleman isn’t holding back while explaining why she got rid of Angels in Waiting.

Speaking exclusively with, Nadya says she nearly called police to file a restraining order against Angels In Waiting, the non-profit charitable group that was providing 24/7 care for her children.

Nadya calls her experience with “Angels” a nightmare. The story has exploded into a national controversy and Nadya’s comments are sure to inflame the situation. She makes startling accusations against the organization, claiming that she believes the organization seemed to go out of its way to make her feel paranoid that her babies might be abducted.

In this video interview , she describes a bizarre scene where an “Angels” official opens her purse and says how easy it would be to stuff one of her babies in there and abduct it.

Watch as she details the conflict and strange behavior that led to her terminating “Angels” this week.

And by the way, this isn’t over. Famed attorney Gloria Allred and Angels in Waiting are holding a press conference Wednesday to tell their side of the story. Look out Nadya!

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