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Jay Leno: “Welcome Metrosexuals!”

We love you Jay, but someone needs to tell you that the term “metrosexual” is soooo yesterday!

While introducing the American Idol trio of host Ryan Seacrest and judges Simon Cowell and Randy Jackson, Leno said “Welcome metrosexuals!” before asking the talent show trinity: “Who would be the most metrosexual?”

Laughing, Jackson and Seacrest pointed to Cowell, who  –strangley — said he didn’t fully understand the meaning of the term. Leno clarified the issue, saying it wasn’t a determination of sexual preference, but rather, a reference to meticulous grooming and fashion sense. All three then were playfully mocked for their metro-traits: Cowell for his freshly-whitened teeth, Seacrest for his perfectly gelled hair and Jackson for his large, garish wristwatch. 

By the way, more than 80 percent of almost 3,000 voters on urbandictionary.com approved the following definition of metrosexual: “Men with taste & style who know about fashion, art, and culture … technology has enabled men with more leisure time, so less wealthy males can now fuss over their looks and aesthetics almost as much as women.”