Idol’s Anoop Desai: Music is His Passion

Anoop Desai is American Idol‘s cat with nine lives — the underdog who keeps eeking out extra weeks with a natural charisma that people just like.

But, according to his aunt, he’s more than just a friendly face.

“Anoop listens to good advice,” Kirti Desai in an interview with Indian Web site, said. “But he was raised to be his own person. One of the biggest lessons he learned in his childhood was to be humble and believe in the Indian philosophy of doing good karma.”

His aunt added that no matter what his fate on the show is, the North Carolina college student will always be skipping to his own beat, literally.

“Music is his biggest passion,” she added. “We first heard him sing [at a family event] when he was 17,” she said. “We knew he was fond of singing but we never suspected he was so good.”

Anoop continues his quest tonight on American Idol at 8/7c. (Photo: WENN)

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