Exclusive: Octo-Mom Defends “Angels” Firing: “They Were Toxic”

Octo-Mom Nadya Suleman is defending her controversial decision to fire nurses provided by Angels In Waiting, the non-profit charitable organization that, for a short time, had been providing 24/7 care for Nadya’s children.

In an brand new interview exclusively for RadarOnline.com, Suleman addresses point-by-point explosive allegations made by attorney Gloria Allred, who helped broker the deal with “Angels” to provide care for Nadya.

Allred claims Nadya spends little time with her babies. She’s also raised concerns about security at Nadya’s home and the health of her nannies.

And then, there’s the suggestion that Nadya is spending her money on such frivolous things like a jacuzzi.

Watch as Nadya fights back.

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