Exclusive New Photos: Accused Murderer Casey Anthony’s Secret Wild Life

Accused murderer Casey Anthony showed her wild side while having the time of her life at a party, and RadarOnline.com has the exclusive photos.

Casey is charged with murdering her toddler daughter Caylee and the Orlando case has made national headlines for months. Now, these new photos show her out of control, the shocking life-of-the-party, engaging in some passionate kissing with a girlfriend.

At a Halloween bash in Orlando, Casey, dressed as a sexy casino waitress, is shown making out with a woman decked out in an umpire’s outfit.

Check out all the exclusive pics of the party girls.

“This wasn’t just a quick kiss,” said an eyewitness. “Casey and the other girl were really making out like a guy and a girl would make out. Everybody at the party was standing there stunned, just watching them.”

At one point, another of Casey’s girlfriends joined in and “all three of them were making out,” the eyewitness said. “Casey then got on the floor on her back and the girl in the umpire outfit stood over her dancing.”

Later in the party, Casey, who’d been downing one beer after another, backed up suggestively into one male partygoer and “was rubbing her butt on him,” according to the eyewitness.

The photos were taken when Casey’s daughter Caylee was 14 months old, in 2006. Last June, just before the child’s third birthday, Casey allegedly murdered the little girl and partied for a month before cops arrested her.

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