EXCLUSIVE: Isaiah Washington Moves Out of House

Isaiah Washington is parting with the property that has recently placed his woes up front and center once again. As RadarOnline.com was the first to report, in papers filed March 24, the actor’s landlord claimed he was $100,000 (or five months) behind in his rental payments and would need to move out unless he paid the overdue amount.

Click here to read the details of Washington’s unlawful detainer papers.

“He’s moving out today,” a source tells RadarOnline.com. A man identifying himself as Kevin McCauley, the owner of the property, only had this to say about the Washingtons: “They are very nice people, this is an unfortunate matter.”

At the actor’s Los Angeles home on Monday afternoon, there was considerable movement. Two housekeepers were spotted packing a large box and photographs were taken off of the walls. As they were last week, the upstairs windows were still covered in paper.

Washington and his wife Jenisa were seen leaving the residence, though Washington returned forty minutes later before leaving again.

Story developing… check back in a bit for the exclusive video.

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