Cocaine Scandal: Anna Nicole’s Indicted Doc Caught Snorting: Exclusive Photos

Khristine Eroshevich, the psychiatrist who was recently indicted in the Anna Nicole drug case, is caught up in a cocaine scandal. has obtained exclusive photos of the doc snorting a white powder, with many more lines chopped and waiting on a nearby mirror.

The explosive photos are sure to ignite a new firestorm of controversy around Anna Nicole’s shrink. Eroshevich, 61, was indicted along with Anna Nicole’s boyfriend and lawyer Howard K. Stern and another of her doctors, Sandeep Kapoor. Charges pertain to unlawfully prescribing controlled substances and administering them to an addict.

Now, these new photos leave Eroshevich with even more explaining to do.

Eroshevich was a close friend of Anna Nicole’s and often spent time with her. Anna Nicole’s addictions has been well chronicled – now with’s new photos, the question is will authorities dig even deeper into her doc’s habits?

Click here to see more photos.

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