Anna Drama Unfolds: Birkhead Hits Up eBay

Anna Nicole Smith is back in the news and what better way to make a buck (for charity of course) then to start a second round of eBay auctions of “Dannielynn’s Duds.”  Larry Birkhead, proud baby daddy of Smith’s tot Dannielynn, knows how to get the most bang for his baby’s buck out of the saga. He has yet another round of pages on eBay hawking Dannielynn’s
appearance costumes, including a dress worn on Larry King Live.

The auction supposedly benefits Camp Kindle, an organization for youth infected with and affected by HIV and AIDS.  Although it is for a good cause, is it fair to hawk the duds of a motherless child?  Should Birkhead’s job be Da-Da or talk show circuit agent for his 2 1/2 year old tot?

If you are interested in helping the cause, get your cash wads ready because most of the items are currently selling at a whopping 99 cents!

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